Come ‘Esakan’ 1Allah!

Professor Tan Sri Dato' Dzulkifli Abd Razak
Utusan Malaysia - 01/04/2010

The arrival of 2010 is not quite pleasant. A decade has passed in a new century beginning with the Sept 11 2001 episode especially has placed the Muslims in a disorderly situation, making them to be stamped as “terrorists” and imposed various actions as if they were guilty.

The Guatanamo camp was revived specially to imprison any suspects as long as there were grounds to do so. The then president of the United States of America, whether on purpose or not, used the term crusade in declaring war against the terrorists.

Although there were attempts to abate the situation, but the actual purpose of the “war” was clear as indicated through the various events, including cases of victimisation. With President Barack Obama being elected and his promises to improve and restore the situation, especially with the Muslim world, proved how bad the situation was. Unfortunately, Obama is now trapped with his own words, which shows that the influence for the “war” is still strong.

The master-mind is still active because they believe the Muslims are generally in disorder.

Maintaining the situation is an important strategy to ascertain the Muslims are easily pressured an weakened. Why not!

Take our country as an example, which is said to be moderate in its Islamic belief compared with other countries.

Even then, we are normally at logger-heads over issues which are petty.

The latest, the issue on mazhab and credentials. This is confined only to certain groups. Others are not bothered, including those who hate Islam and always looking for opportunities to make the situation worse, including those who take advantage to mastermind activities at international level.

However, because of being too busy with petty internal issues, internal bickering, what happen outside can be delayed like a thorn in the flesh.

The issue on the use of the word “Allah” is an issue of a thorn in the flesh. Whether it can be resolved, it all depends. A comment by the chairman of the National Fatwa Council in the national news which said that “the decision of the court cannot be denied” - a day after the decision was made.

How would it be if it was before the decision? Here is where we are unfortunate, a situation indicating how disorderly are the Muslims currently. Since this issue was raised sometime ago, how many comments and briefings were made in preparation for the court decision? Are we so busy to raise only petty matters? Which magazine carries this issue seriously and continuously until the disposal of the case?

What was published by the print media can be counted once a year ago, what more in English for the reading of the international community.

Perhaps, after this the situation will change, but when it is already too late. If chaos is intended by the mastermind and certain quarters, they have succeeded in doing it.

The Muslims are in daze looking for a way out. Someone who was interviewed on television regarding the court decision asked why not used the name “Jesus”.

Seems that the gist of the issue is still confusing. Some say there are going to refer the matter to the experts.

The question is why are we so careless in dealing with matters pertaining our own faith? The Muslims in this country are indeed known for their tolerance.

However, it is not wrong to speak out for our rights because Islam also teaches us to do so.

In this issue, there are certain things which need to be considered, among them are that the word “Allah” is not a normal word, but cannot be separated from what is stated in the Quran. If this is acknowledged, usage of “Allah” is not an issue at all.

Secondly, it is clear that “Allah” is a Quranic word [beyond just Arabic. It is through this Word that 'Allah' chose to best make Himself known (as mentioned in the Qur'an, especially Surah al-Ikhlas) in contrast to what His creation could ascribe to Him.]

Thirdly, therefore, the argument submitted has to be centred on the Quran and should not be mixed with other civilisations.

Fourth, never misunderstood “Allah” , like having children, etc,

Fifth, Malaysia, as a sovereign country, has the right not to agree with the practises in neighbouring countries, although they are from the same root.

In fact, Malaysia, where Islam is the official religion is capable of making its own interpretation. Although from the same root, it does not mean that they are the same in everything.

In conclusion, Allah is Ahad, our responsibility is to maintain the sanctity of His Oneness, May Allah blessed our efforts.

This article is translated from the original in Bahasa Malaysia (Utusan Jan 4, courtesy of Utusan Malaysia

* The writer is the Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Sains Malaysia. He can be contacted at